Monday, August 2, 2010

2010 and 1978, one in the same?

Seattle Times blogger, Geoff Baker has provided some very interesting (or very depressing) statistics to look at:

Winning percentage:
First half: .398
2nd half: .222
(last) Road trip: .000

Average runs per game scored:
First half: 3.4
2nd half: 2.6
(last) Road trip: 2.0

Average runs per game allowed:
First half: 4.3
2nd half: 4.9
(last) Road trip: 6.4

W-L: Day Griffey walked out: 21-31 (.404)
W-L: Since Griffey walked out: 18-36 (.333)

Runs per game before Griffey left: 3.7
Runs per game since Griffey left: 2.8

Runs per game ALLOWED before Griffey left: 4.1
Runs per game allowed since Griffey left: 4.7

In 1978, the Mariners lost a record 104 games. So far this year, the Mariners have lost 102 games. ON OUR WAY TO A RECORD BREAKING SEASON!

One last statistic that I took the liberty of researching: There are 1,200 players in the Major leagues and 5,400 players in the minor leagues. Sometimes it boggles my mind on how some players make the 18% cute.

Just in case you can’t tell, I love the Mariners. And that isn’t sarcasm. Since my first game at 4 months, and the 24 seasons that followed, the Mariners will be my first love. Sorry future awesome husband, the 40-man roster comes first. I am simply heart broken by their current status. Consider this an angry girlfriends plea for change.

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