Monday, August 2, 2010

This Tree Looks Familiar...

So, yes, we have been here before. While the structure may have changed, the ‘under 500’ season hasn’t. The days of the Kingdome were in two words, freaking-awesome. As a kid you could run around the entire stadium, down one single isle without disrupting any other fans that were so sporadically placed it resembled flags on a golf course. It was a place where if you yelled loud enough and waved vigorously enough you could have an entire conversation with your friends who were sitting on the 300 level while you remained on the 100 level.

As I said, when I was a kid, those days were freaking awesome. But as an adult who has an unwavering devotion to her hometown baseball team, these days stink. Nap-gate 2010, relentless injuries, expensive let downs, etc. etc. etc. So what’s going to turn this team around? Veterans like Mike Sweeny exhibiting extreme ‘manliness’ by threatening a duel to any players found leaking inside information? Kanekoa Texeira’s continued growth of his “rally-stash” that makes him look more like a 70’s sitcom cop more than a major league pitcher? Or perhaps we could resign the entire 1995 team. Think about it; insanely cheap, and heck, it would sure fill the stadium enough to get more money to eventually just purchase the NY Yankees. Badda-bing badda-boom, Mariners win the World Series.

In all seriousness, we know how insanely mental the game of baseball is. A player can be in the best shape, with all the right tools, but if their head isn’t there, neither are their numbers. Last season is the first time the Seattle Mariners have hired a coach whose specific job revolves around the mental aspect of the game. Maybe they need Freud in the clubhouse too. These players have the stats from their past. They can run, hit, field. Heck, just the odds of making it into the big leagues from the minors is enough to earn the paycheck. It’s time for a mental shake down. Start performing. Sounds easy enough, sure, but let’s go. Seattle fans are extremely kind in comparison to NY or Boston. We’ve been patient, very patient. However, the money pot is drying up. No fans = no serious $$$. If you want to end up like the Royals, well then we’re on our way.

While I look back to the 95’ season in a similar light as the days Jesus died for our sins, we can’t rely on celebrating the chance to play for the AL championship for the next 20 years. We are one of TWO teams who have never competed for the World Series. Seriously sad.

But no matter what, you will see me at Safeco watching intently. Smiling every time a kid runs through my isle in attempt to make it all around the stadium.

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