Thursday, August 12, 2010

Waka, Waka,

Mariners, you fired the wrong guy(s). First off, no it was not Jr.'s doing! Are you kidding me? He's sitting in his 13,000 sq ft house in Windermere, FL playing golf and hanging out with his kids! Now, I love Griff. I think I would be a communist if I didn't but he did put the entire team in a really hard position this year. The M's have not been pulling in the crowds that it so desires, so they brought back a home town hero. People love that crap! (And yes, so do I). When he signed up for one more year, Jr., and the rest of the team, anticipated him to be more of a presence on the bench. A 25th man, a moral support, a face of the team. However, when Jacky Z gave us this amazing roster (this is dripping in sarcasm if you couldn't tell), what else were we to do but putt Jr. as our DH? A task that he was destined to fail at. His numbers were low, he knew he was not the player he use to be and hated to 'go out' this way. As for the rumors that Jr. and Wak didn't talk, this is very false. Many inside sources revealed that he and Wak had a friendly relationship. Jr. even photo shopped his face into the Wak family Christmas photo that sat on the couches desk. Jr. would pop into Wak's office frequently to tell a joke or simply say hello.

SO, as Jr. started to fail, what was Wak to do? Bench him and risk losing several fans who come out to watch their golden boy? Keep him in and lose fans who are frustrated with the lack of progress this team was making? It was Wak against the front office, and that game never ends well. Jr. was done, he was done hours before the rest of us knew about it. He was halfway across the country when he called up Jacky Z. and told him it was time. I don't have any animosity towards the man. He did what he had to do. So to blame Wak OR Griff for this mess is ridiculous. With the head cases left in the clubhouse, Milton / Figgins / Lopez / etc., etc. etc. , Jacky Z has made quite the statement.

As sand passes in the hour glass, these are the days of our lives...

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  1. LOVE the picture! So glad you changed your attitude.....THE MOM