Monday, August 2, 2010

You Gotta Love These Guys? Installation #1

6 and 22. Yes, that is right, 6 AND 22 was the Mariners record for the month of July. And in case you are wondering, that is the worst record in the clubs HISTORY. At this point, does the team care? Is it even possible for them to care? You’ve reached the pinnacle of your career, sacrificing so much of your life to get to the Big Leagues, and now you suck. But who is to blame? We always need someone to blame?! If I can’t find someone, the guy sitting next to me in Starbucks might just do…

So let’s start out by looking at performance. I’ll admit that my girliness does show through when trying to separate performance and personality. I’ll admit, it’s hard to bash a dude who you’ve seen him play with his kids, donates his day to volunteer at the Ronald McDonald House, or can never be found without a smile on his face while in the dugout. However, it’s pretty easy to forget all of that when I realize they are making somewhere around $20,000 a game and I’m, well, not.

Chone Figgins: “Figgins probably ranks as the third baseman most likely to be in demand, especially given his versatility” –ESPN (Well you guys were dead on)

All around MLB bad-ass…until now. He was once a lead off hitter, he once stole 62 bases in one season, he once was co-MVP, he hit for the cycle which included an in the park homerun, and then the Mariners got him for the low-low price of $36 million. Not only has he been a nightmare offensively (hitting .238) but also in the dugout and clubhouse. On July 24th, after making a clearly bone-headed play in which he allowed a throw from Saunders to simply bounce pass him, allowing Mike Cameron to reach 3rd base, manager Don Wakamatsu finally grew some cajones and pulled him out of the game. Well this did not sit well with Chone, so he did the mature thing and tried to scream in the face of his manager. Enter super hero, Russell Branyan. As if the Incredible Hulk, Branyan began separating the influx of players who seemed to be tangled up around both Wakamatsu and Figgins.

Sure, sure, boys will be boys and everything is “fine now”. But let’s get seriously. Figgins is only one of the MULTIPLE problems going on with the Mariners this year. Do you think Griffey, Edgar, Buhner, Ichiro would take a swing at their manager (allegedly). I don’t think so. I also don’t think they would have made that stupid play to begin with.

End of meandering thoughts here…more to come.

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