Friday, September 3, 2010

10 Super Awesome Houses featured 10 amazingly awesome homes that make my apartment seem laaaaaame. Check out what some very creative owners did to make their home a home:

Shoe House - Hellam, PA. Yeaaaahhh, that's a giant shoe. And the best part about it is that it was shoe tycoon Mahlon Haines home from 1948. And in true, "I have a ton of money and you don't" fashion, the front door has a glass pain window that is a self portrait of Haines. ANd for you dog loves, there is a shoe shaped dog house included. Sadly, it is not currently on the market.

Old Barn - Bainbridge, WA. Yeah, it looks like the house from Amnityville Horrer, but don't worry, no one has been brutally murdered here. This barn was built 104 years ago and still contains an original wall that contained a pencil order for 2,000 lbs of seeds. It can be yours for $542,000.

Old Firehouse - San Francisco, CA. A firehouse that was in commission till 1974, an entrepreneurial couple bought it and turned it into their home. You can purchase this 4,000 sq. ft, two bed, two bath home for $975,000. Oh, and it still has a fire pole for easy access between floors. Freaking Awesome.

Geodesic Home - Batavia, IA. Attention Super Nerds, this house is for you. Not much information of this home since the style is really not so hott right now. But just take a moment and ponder the super nerd who designed feel a little sad for him now, don't you? Don't you?

Floating Home - Seattle, WA. Yeah yeah yeah, Tom Hanks lived in one like it in Sleepless in Seattle. Currently on the market for $975,000. Surprisingly it has never been lived in and is pretty freaking precious.

Decommissioned Missile Site - Othello, WA. This super bad-ass home is on the market for $3.5 million (but I'd pay more cause it's freaking sweet). Yes, that below is the FRONT DOR of the house which is a two-ton hatch that leads down six flights of stairs to a network of subterranean rooms and tunnels that all connect to a 125 ft-diameter, 65 ft high SUPERDOME (again, BAD-ASS)

Earth Ship / looks like the place Luke Skywalker lived with his aunt and uncle - Taos, NM. One bed, one bath earth-ship designed for 'off the grid' living (yuckers, in my opinion).

Round House - Wilton, CT. Just removed from the market, but was recently listed at $1,750,000. In 2008, the home was listed at $2.3 million. Designed by architect Richard T. Foster, it sits 12 ft off the ground and has the ability to rotate 360 degrees.

Church House! - San Francisco, CA. No need to feel guilty every Saturday and Sunday morning anymore! For sale for $7,490,000 (holy cow). 17,000 sq ft. and is said to be one of the largest single family homes in San Fran.

The Cave House - Festus, MO. 17,000 sq ft house, well, cave!

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