Tuesday, September 21, 2010

7 Sustainable Building Designs for your OCD, Environmentalist Friends

Huffingtonpost.com has offered us a true example for the Obsessive Compulsive members of the Pacific Northwest and of San Francisco. Below are '7 Sustainable Building Designs'. And I thought my front loading washer was 'green' enough.

Earth-Sheltered Homes - Your pet cows can eat your roof.

This house looks super-duper green, and it is. Walls and roof are created by the earth. And if you are a rockstar, your neighbors will love you finally as these homes are mega-sound proof. Also, you never need to pay a heating bill again as the earths insulation is like a really big earth-hug, straight out of a School House Rock video!

Passive Buildings - For your LA "look how green I am" couple.

The Passive Home is able to fit into almost any neighborhood with its modern architecture. Windows are oriented to take full advantage of the seasonal light. The home is built so that the walls can absorb the heat and hold it in during the day, and release to remain cool during the night. This home can slash energy use by 90%

Salvaged Materials - Oprah would definitely approve of this one

Do you see a old, broken picture frame? PICK IT UP!! Throw on a little glue and paint and suddenly you are the new Nate Berkus! It is kind of a bummer that the EPA estimates that 170 million tons of annual building construction, renovation and demolition-derived waste accounts for nearly 60% of the nations non-industrial, non-hazardous solid waste.

Earth Ships - for uber tree hugging nerds.

Built with old tires packed with dirt and other indigenous and recycled materials, this home is located in New Mexico and used as a prototype for the rebuilding in Haiti.

Natural Building Materials - Go to the woods and build a house.

Stay away from foam insulation and vinyl siding and go with the stuff that is right outside your window. Look at using adobe, bamboo, cod, papercrete, straw bale, slate, thatch, clay, and cedar shingles.

Recycled Materials - save your beer bottles

Many builders have started to get creative by using plastic PET bottles, beer bottles and airplanes. The home above, in Phoenix, AZ is called the 'Bone Home'. This home is built almost completely out of broken glass, bottle caps, corks, and license plates.

Hemp House Just incase you weren't stoned enough.

Pioneered in France and copied in the UK, the Euros have beat us yet again! The walls are made of THC-free mixture of hemp stalk and, lime and water. So no, if it caught on fire it would NOT be a great neighborhood party. Plus, they can't catch fire as the "hempcrete" is fire resistant as well as mold, termite and dry-rot resistant.

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