Monday, September 20, 2010

8 Things That Stop Being Cool After College

Much changes in life in our early 20's. Some changes are more important than others. The following 8 things seem to lose their 'cool-factors' once we graduate from our fond college days. has compiled this list in which I have added my own commentary.

Paid Volunteering for Clinical Research Trials

"Dude, I totally got paid $84 to hang out for, like, and hour". While this was once something to brag about now seems only necessary if you are living on the streets...

Mechanical Bull-Riding

Why did anyone ever think it was a good idea to get insanely drunk and then get on a spinning object? And no, girls, you did not look as hott as you thought.

Easy Mac

Fluorescent orange cheese powder was the food of the gods at 2am on a Thursday night. While Top Ramen / Cup-a-soup is still a viable lunch option at your works break room, the chunks of orange cheese that were unable to mix with the noodles doesn't seem as gourmet as it once was.

Stealing Other Peoples Food (KAPPAS!) / Stuff

You feel as though you hit a freakin gold mine when you opened up the mini-fridge to find left-overs from someone's trip to Chipotle, or an extra pizza from Make Your Own Pizza Friday (yes, I'm speaking to you Kappa Cows). It was cool for the ones who found, not so cool for those who lost. But if you do this post-college, it's a misdemeanor : not cool.

Dolphin / Animal House Posters

As for the Dolphins, thankfully I did not know, or have to live with, anyone that had one. This would prove to be a problem in our room, and obviously in that persons social life. As for the Animal House posters, we get it. It was a movie about a crazy frat. You like Whisky and think you too can chug an entire fifth, and you'll try. Oh you'll try.

Eating at Denny's

"And THEN we went to Denny's just off the Ave. It was like 4am and the waitresses totally hated us because we were sooooo drunk, hahaha" in college = super funny team adventure. In post college-life: Just another sad example on how you just might be an alcoholic.

Hacky Sack / FRISBY GOLF

Just incase you didn't know, hacky sack and frolf was never really cool...But post-college, it's REALLY not cool. You're welcome.

Smuggling Boos

In pre-21 days it seemed as though smuggling boos was as epic as Indiana Jones grabbing that skull in the temple. Now-a-days, it's a fast track invitation to participate in A&E's Intervention.

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