Monday, September 27, 2010

Education Sucks, Be a Professional Athlete Instead.

Dear Momma and Papa Chaff,

Thank you so much for spending upwards of 100K for my Bachelors Degree. That was awesome. However, let's be real. What were you thinking in making sure I got an education? You might as well have spent that money on a sex change operation and forced me to play basketball or football so I can be an absolute BAJILLIONAIRE!! Lesson #1. Me = sitting at my desk, typing on a laptop, debating between eating Top Ramen or Lean Cuisine Pizza tonight. Labron James = Deciding between a $49.5 Million Castle in south Florida or a $7.65 Million mansion on the water-front. Lesson #2. I spent four years in a bunkbed in college. Also, I lived in a house where I couldn't have alcohol (even after 21) and no boys allowed in our rooms. Labron James = nothing of the sort...Education-schmeducation.

Your daughter Alexandra

$49.5 Million mansion (before the downgrade to a measly $7.26 Million mansion):

The 'pee-on' downgrade house:

courtesy of!

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