Thursday, September 2, 2010

Happy 9-02-10 Day Everybody: Let's reminisce on how absurd the show really was.

Andrea Was Almost 30. (The actress was born in 1961, almost 20 years before her character was)

Donna Had A Stalker (#1. For being a virgin, Donna sure did get in a lot of compromising positions with men. #2. How fake does that gun look?)

Dylan's Hair

Maroon 5 Played at The Peach Pit After-Dark (Still lame then even though they were called "Kara's Flowers")

Scott Accidentally Shot Himself (Who dies spinning a gun on his finger? Idiot)

Donna Martin Graduates...enough said.

Donna Lost Her Virginity In The Most Awkward Way Possible (With all of that white lace she looks like the Playmate of 1990)

Steve's Hair

The Peach Pit Became A Night Club (basically Production didn't have enough $$$ to build a new set)

David Had A Rap Career...In Real Life.

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