Friday, September 3, 2010


I. LOVE. COLLEGE. FOOTBALL. Duh. I also love tailgating. But most of all, I love the UW, and this list incorporates ALL of my loves. has listed the Top 12 Tailgating Spots in College Football, and here it is!

#1. Louisiana State University - It's all about the food. Hot dogs, burgers and brats? Please. Try spicy alligator, andouille sausage, gumbo, crawfish and maybe a little shrimp etouffee. Plenty of beverages to wash it all down, too.

#2. University of Mississippi - Ten acres shaded by oak trees make The Grove one of the great gameday spots in America. The saying at Ole Miss goes something like this: "We may lose a game, but we never lose a party."

#3. University of Washington - Tailgating in boats along Lake Washington, and the university even runs a shuttle boat to Husky Stadium. This scene makes up for the sketchy weather.

#4. Ohio State University - Take a walk down Lane Avenue and it's like a Buckeyes street fair. Then hit Buckeye Grove, where a buckeye tree has been planted for each Ohio State All-America.

#5. University of Tennessee - More boats - "Volunteer Navy" docks on the nearby Tennessee River - and lots of orange make Rocky Top quite the scene.

#6. University of Nebraska - Generally speaking, Cornhuskers fans have a reputation for begin the nicest and most hospitable in college football. They also never run out of corn-fed beef.

#7. University of Texas - Barbecue smokers big enough to fit a side beef, the cheerleaders wear chaps and when it comes to college towns, Austin is about as good as it gets.

#8. Pent State University - Paternoville is the name of the tent city that sprouts up around Beaver Stadium the week before a game. For Temple, there might be a dozer or so tents. For Ohio State, the number might reach triple digits.

#9. Auburn University - Tailgating is not just for pregame at Auburn. Visit Toomer's Corner after the Tigers win. It's where the campus and city converge and students toilet paper the trees to celebrate victories.

#10. West Point - It's a much smaller affair at West Point and the eats aren't quite as elaborate, but the setting along the banks of the Hudson River is stunning.

#11. Clemson University - The fraternities band together on gameday for a massive party and a Tiger can't swing its tail without hitting a plate of barbecue meat.

#12. Purdue University - Makes the list for this alone: One Boilermakers fan converted a coffin into a grill and ice chest, and brought it to the game in a hearse.

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