Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hello Dawg Fans...

Just as Bill Compton rises with the moon, I myself have awakened to the sound of ‘Louie, Louie’ and visions of the Husky-Helmet car. It’s Husky football season, my friends.

I wish so dearly I could write a complete critique of last Saturday’s loss to BYU, but I sadly could not watch it on TV. The evil executives at CBS college sports television decided to place a carrot in front of all UW fans, dangling it ever so tauntingly, attempting to have us PURCHASE the viewing package. And to make it worse, in Leavenworth, I was not even given the option to purchase. My conclusion: CBS sports are a bunch of COMMUNISTS. Lenin loving, Romanov hating COMMUNISTS.

If you can, take a moment and visualize myself in my cabin in Leavenworth. A group of family friends had come over for the holiday weekend and joined the Chaffee family for a fantastic pulled-pork BBQ. As the men of the group watched Oregon State vs. TCU and WSU vs. OSU (which was almost as heart warming as any Husky win), I looked like an idiot watching my computer screen as Seattle Times Husky columnist wrote each play. Tick, tick, tick. I was not able to really see what happened in the fourth quarter, but from what I heard, it wasn’t good. But again, a solid WSU loss helps.

But now we come to today. 3 days till the first home game of the season. This will be my 23rd season (24th if you count me hangin out in mom’s tummy for the 1985 season). I was there when I chugged a bottle of milk instead of any other beverage. I was there when I literally got so excited after a play that I peed my pants (well, diaper), I was there when going to the Rose Bowl was just yet another New Years I got to stay at a friends house as my parents ditched me to go to Southern California.

THIS is Jake’s season. I want him to have an incredible season (duh). He deserves it. He stuck around when he had a couple million dollars sitting on a table right in front of him. I’ll be honest, if someone gave me the option of millions of dollars to ditch out on all that rely on me and have thousands of people hate me, I’d definitely think about it. I’m not ashamed. My heart just stopped as I bought my $4 CHAI at STARBUCKS. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Damn you Starbucks and your delicious ways.

If there is a God (which obviously there is because he made Jake Locker in his image and/or Jesus’ long lost and separated in time twin brother), he will grace Locker with an unforgettable season.


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