Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Homes of the Crappy Reality Television World

Do you like really crappy reality television?! Well I do. And no one does it better than Bravo. I get a thrill form watching grown women toss table and use phrases such as, "prostitution-whore" (must say with New Jersey accent to do it justice). I fall in love with severally obsessive compulsive disorder afflicted house-flippers. I pretend that I know anything about food as chefs make glorified tomato basil soup and steal peoples pea puree. Here are a couple homes of the mentally unstable angles of the Bravo channel:

Jeff Lewis of 'Flipping Out' fame. You now can live in the infamous Valley Oak property that Jeff Lewis purchased for $1.7 million in 2007, and flipped to sell for $3.195 Million in 2008. Ifyou take a peak at the bottom, you can see the price history of this home which now sits at $2.495 Million.

Next up: Real Housewives of D.C., Mary Schmidt Amons Selling her McLean, VA Home. One of the 4,878 members of the Real Housewives sorority has decided to pack up and move em on out of this lovely home. While she maybe be one of the more emotionally stable individual housewives in Bravo history, she is still crazy enough to be on the show. Here's her home, which could be yours for $2,350,000

Want a little Southern Crazy? The Atlanta Housewives are just a whole bucket of mentally insane. One of our favorite narcissist is Atlanta Housewive, Sheree Whitefield (aka She' By Sheree) is either in, or at risk to losing her home due to foreclosure. After a bruuuuutal divorce to NFL player, Bob Whitfield, he lost the home as he fell behind in payments. Sheree listed the home originally at $2.85 Million, then went down to $2.4 Million, then the bank took it over and it is now listed at $959,000. OUCH.

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