Tuesday, September 14, 2010

It's Sept. 14th, Obviously You Need to Already Know What You're Going to Be For Halloween

How dare you not know what you are going to be for Halloween. Shame on you. And you better not tell me that you don't know what you're going to get your mother and father for Christmas. But for you lazy people, Huffington Post has given you some ideas. Take your pick:

Tony Hayward

Want to be the most hated man in the world?? Lucky for you, this Halloween, YOU CAN! Just wear a suit and make sure when anyone spills a drink at the party that you tell them you'll clean it up...then never do it.

Tiger Woods / Hookers #1-478

This one is easy. Dress in Nike polo, black slacks, and carry a golf club then just bring 478 of your closest prostitutes (both male and female are acceptable)

Vuvuzela Guy/Girl

You can be the most annoying person at the party! Just bring your vuvuzela and you can make the flagulent soundtrack for the WHOLE evening. Downside: You will not bring anyone home with you.

Sue Sylvester

For both guys and girls. Put on your best Adidas track suit and you too can become the worlds most beloved lesbian. (Oh, and for straight guys, this is a GO-TO if you want a guarantee of talking with chicks)

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer

#1. Get your skin as orange as possible (same amount of orange as if you are planning on being Snooki), #2. Beige suit, #3. Blond Wig, #4. Forget any and all English you have learned in your life, and #5. Ask everyone at the party for their papers.

Old Spice Guy

#1. Helps if you are black, #2. Helps if you are hott, #3. Just one white towel

Wack-Job "Pastor", Terry Jones

Handle bars mustache + ugly tie + Conversations that scares the Bejesus out of everyone at the party.

Double-Rainbow You-Tube Guy

Remember when everyone was going freaking bonkers over the double rainbow youtube video? Well here is the man who gave amazing "ohhing" and "awwwing" in that very clip. To complete this costume, do not bathe for a minimum 2 weeks, wear a muscle-T, facial hair that you are able to braid and

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