Thursday, September 16, 2010

Seattle rules, the rest of the country drools!

Again, we already know that Seattle is the epitome of perfection. Yeah, yeah, yeah, "it rains" blah blah blah. Get over it. Overall, we Seattlites are extremely proud of our city. We almost try to keep it a secret. We have enough hipsters as is and we don't need any more moving here from elsewhere. Not only do have mountains, rivers, ocean, desert, the best coffee, the fastest Internet, top fortune 500 companies, and Gardening with Cisco, we also are starting to receive national recognition. While I am proud that our city / state, including its universities are getting the credit it deserves, I'm just hoping we can keep up our secret. We were here first. We don't want anymore up here. We're booked. Sorry. I hear Oregon is taking in our rejects, check there. has named Seattle as the #3 in their list of "America's Coolest Cities", NUMBER-FREAKING-3 PEOPLE!
-Number of Restaurants, Bars and Clubs: 6,278 ( rank) #13
-Number of Museums, Theaters and Arenas: 192 (rank) #11
-Number of Galleries and Concert Venues: 341 (rank) #13

AND incase you hadn't heard, The Times of London has ranked the UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON as the 23rd BEST UNIVERSITY IN THE WORLD. AND, the UW was ranked the 4th BEST AMERICAN PULIC UNIVERSITY!!!

AND, released their list of "America's Wealthiest (and Poorest) States:

Wealthiest (based on Median Income):

1. New Hampshire $65,028
2. New Jersey $64,918
3. Connecticut $64,644
4. Maryland $63,828
5. Alaska $62,675
6. Virginia $61,126
7. Utah $60,396
8. Massachusetts $59,732
9. Hawaii $58,469
10. WASHINGTON $58,404


1. Mississippi $35, 693
2. Arkansas $37,987
3. West Virginia $39,170
4. Tennessee $40,034
5. South Carolina $41,548
6. Montana $41,587
7. Kentucky $41,828
8. Alabama $42,144
9. North Carolina $42,337
10. Louisiana $42,423

So, in conclusion: GO WASHINGTON!

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