Saturday, October 23, 2010

And the Winners Are...

I love me some Halloween. I love carving pumpkins. I really love awesome people who create awesome things. Here are my awards for the most awesome pumpkin carvings of 2010:

Death Star

You may be an uber nerd, but your a talented uber nerd.

Barak Obama

You know you've made a mark in history when your face ends up on a pumpkin.

Stephen Colbert

Nothing says "rally to keep fear alive" than this pumpkin.


This actually makes my salivate.


Predator pumpkin would definitely destroy Alien pumpkin.



Hannibal Lector

The mouth-covering is for your own protection.


Yes, that IS carved out of a pumpkin. That should be incorporated into the Louvre's permanent collection.


What does one do with the giant, flopped over pumpkin? Crush a smaller pumpkin.

Sucker Punched

I can almost hear them, "dude, bra, what the hell?"

Bite Me

Don't tell someone to "bite" you when you are actually edible.

The Screamer

A classic masterpiece interpreted on an awesome pumpkin.

Playing with Dynamite

This puts the old NFL 'TNT' touchdown dance to shaaaaaaame.


A little grown, a little tiara, some pigs blood and you've got a horror film on your front porch!

Lionel Richie

Place this pumpkin on your front stoop then replace your standard doorbell ring with, "Hellllo? Is it me you're lookin for"

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