Friday, October 29, 2010

Celeb Real Estate: R. Kelly

Attention Chicago-ites. You now can buy R. Kelly's former Chicago home for $3.89 million, complete with a bucket of Lysol (God knows what happened in that place). Apppppppparently, this is the house that prosecutors believe the R&B singer filmed himself making love, and urinating on, a female that was not of legal consenting age. Gross.

R. Kelly was ultimately cleared of child pornography charges as the jury believed it was unable to prove the identity of the individuals on the tape. Fun Fact: R. Kelly had the same lawyer as former Illinois governor Rob Blagojevich now has.

After R. Kelly abandoned chip at the house, it sat vacant for several years until it's current owner, Ilene Greenblatt purchased it for $1 million. She apparently bought the home to impress her nephew although she had never heard of R. Kelly. She probably should have done a quick Google search...

The home has been extensively renovated in the past 18 months. It has 4-bedrooms, marble-clad fireplace in the living room, a sleek kitchen, a 1,500-square-foot rooftop terrace with an outdoor kitchen and elevator.

Oh, but don't worry, although several changes have been made the 1,600 gallon fish tank R. Kelly installed is still intact. However, once filled with sharks, the fish tank is now home to much tamer fish. If you cant afford the $3.89 million price tag, you can own a piece of the residence. Kelly's Looney Toons-themed bar is now on Craigslist for $1,000.

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