Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Insanely Inappropriate Halloween Costumes

You have a few more weeks, but here are some ideas for Halloween costumes (if you're a complete idiot). Take your pick from these insanely inappropriate Halloween costumes.

Naughty School Dog?

Sexy Cookie Monster, for the girls with really intense 'Daddy Issues'.

Hitler!? Sadly, this is real...

Sexy Native American - Nothing says true American History like dressing like a Native American prostitute!

Baby Rabbi, Oy!

Dibs on the Jesus costume!

Now your 5 year old can be a Harem girl!

"Jane Doe", just another reason for young females can dress like a 'lady of the night'.

Sexy Nemo - NO, JUST NO!

Oh, just a suicide bomber...holy inappropriateness.

Have a Jewish dog? This costume is for you!

It's never too soon for a girl to dress slutty for Halloween!

Anna-rexic - celebrate Halloween with an eating disorder costume!

White wanna be rapper - may all your dreams come true.

Little Rastafarian Man - how many white college aged guys do you think will be rocking this this year?

Child Pimp - Make those dollars!

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