Saturday, October 23, 2010

Seattle Hauntings...

I totally want to be a ghost one day. Just hang out, freak people out, and not worry about the insanely exhausting exercise of opening up a door, ugh. Seattle might be a youngin in comparison to other U.S. cities, but we sure do have our share of dead people who just want to chill with us. Here are some places in Seattle where you can check them out:

Pike Place Market (Apparently Pike Place is the hottest ghost club in Sea town, cause all the ghosts want to party here):

Princess Angelina, the eldest daughter of Chief Seattle - Her waterfront cabin use to sit between Pike and Pine street but after
the market was built, Princess Angelina liked to hang out, sell baskets and walk around. She died at the age of 85 on May31, 1896. Angelina can't seem to let go of her old stomping grounds as she has been seen several times slowly walking through the hallways. Many people believe it is a real person until she simply disappears right before their eyes. Her favorite spot is near the rough wooden column in the center of the lower level as well as near the Goodwill store. Several exorcisms have occurred, but Angelina doesn't seem to care. She just wants to party.

Arthur Goodwin, nephew to the original Pike Place developer - Arthur was the Market Director from 1918 to 1941. His office looked down on the market much like Mordor did in Lord of the Rings. Apparently you can still see his figure in the window(which is now a meeting room named the Goodwin Library). He can also be seen through the window swinging his golf club like a pro. Even in death, Arthur likes his game.

The Fat Lady Barber - She was fat. She was a Lady. And she was a barber. So this hottie use to be a barber who was known for singing her customers asleep with soft lullabies. Once they were asleep she would help herself to their wallets and whatever else she could find of value. In the 1970's, during the markets renovations, poor Fat Lady Barbara fell to her death when an area of floor gave way from under her. Today, maintenance workers report hearing a woman singing lullabies when they are working at night.

Other Market Ghost Hangouts - (1) At the Bead Emporium, a small boy continues to dwell. When renovations were completed a few years ago, construction workers found a basket of the stores beads in a room that had ben shut off, the door painted over, and that no one had been inside since before the Bead Emporium opened up for business. Many believe the little boy put the beads there as that is where he lived. The store also believes the little boy is the cause of the cash register drawer opening and closing throughout the night. When he gets bored at the bead shop, he is known to sneak into the Puppet Shop and plays with the marionette's. (2) At the Greek deli, Mr. D's, spirits are known to be fighting in a downstairs walk-in freezer. Many workers are so scared of the dueling spirits, they refuse to go down to the freezer. (3) At the Shakespeare and Co. Bookstore, the owners arrive every mornings to find the same book off the shelf and on the floor. Each day they brush off the book and return it to it's shelf, only to find it on the floor again the next morning. Finally, they gave up and destroyed the book for good.

The Harvard Exit Theater: - Watch a movie and get the bejeezus scared out of you.
Opened in the 1920's, the Harvard Exit Theater use to be the meeting place for the Women's Century Club (aka, they were the original Sex and the City junkies who just talked about their crappy husbands and stuff)

Main Theater, first floor: Sometime around 1900, a man was murdered during a brawl in the house that was eventually torn down to build the Harvard Exit. To this day, many claim to see a portly, slightly see-through man who goes by the name Peter. Apparently he is in high spirits and goofy. I didn't know ghosts could be drunk? But I guess there isn't much else for them to do.

A few years ago, two women were watching a film when one woman felt someone laying with her hair, and the back of her neck. When she turned around no one was near her and a portly man was standing in the back of the theater by the exit smiling and enjoying the movie...Just your everyday ghost getting crunk and watching a flick. No biggie.

On a few occasions, managers have opened up the theater for the day to find films playing to an empty theater. When they run upstairs to find who the guilty party is running the projector, the room is locked, and no one was inside.

Woman on the Balcony - In the 1940's, a woman was suffocated somewhere in the Harvard Exit building. She can be seen on the balcony and scaring the administration personnel on the 2nd floor.

A janitor was vacuuming the theater whens he felt the presence of someone in the room. When she turned around she saw a woman in old fashioned clothes (perhaps Victorian) looking down at her. Others have reported the same sighting.

The Women's Century Club - which if it is anything like it sounds like, they drank a whole lotta beer in 1 hour. Anywho, two women can be seen sitting in chairs in the lobby chatting away. When pictures are taken of the empty room, many times the two women can be seen in the chairs. On one of her first days on the job, Janet Wainwright walked into the lobby and was startled to see a slightly see-through woman sitting in a chair near the fire place reading a book. Much to her horror, the woman in the chair slowly melted down till there was nothing left. On other occasions in which Janet, or others, have entered the room to find the woman, she simply makes eye contact, smiles, turns out the light and walks out of the room. At least she is a 'green' ghost.

There are a million and a half more stories on BOTH the Harvard Exit and Pike Place, but these were my favorite. More Haunted Seattle to come. (insert stereotypical dark laughter here)

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