Saturday, November 6, 2010

City Profile: Leavenworth, WA


For 5 years now, Camp Chaffee in Leavenworth, Washington has been the home to several party-loving people. All that experience this amazing place leave with an endearing love. This Bavarian town is the setting for several yearly festivals, including Oktoberfest, Icicle festival, Brewfest, etc. etc.

Leavenworth has been growing at a fast rate in the past 10 years. Many have moved to the city and/or purchased a second home there. While Chelan has been a hot bed for several western Washintonians, Leavenworth, along with many other smaller central Washington towns have started to gain popularity. And Leavenworth is about to be featured on a national stage as the FIRST guest of the Conan O'Brien show has been announced:

The "Nutcracker Lady". Arlene Wagner from the Nutcracker Museum in LEAVENWORTH, WA!!!! She and her husbandhusband opened up the museum in 1995 and is the largest collection of Nutcrackers in the U.S. The couple will be flying to L.A. on Satuday. Arlene and her hubby beat out the likes of Jack Nicholson, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and Pope Benedict XIV!! GO ARLENE GO!!!!

Here's a look at the fun times spent in Leavenworth, and why YOU should visit!

Join in on some of Leavenworth's MANY festivals!

Sing a little Karaoke at Leavenworth's Post Office Saloon!

Shopping galore downtown, including a year round Christmas shop called Kris Kringle.

Oktoberfest is always the first 3 weekend of October!

Great tubing every summer.

Good eats!

Beautiful! Who doesn't want to sing "The Hills are Alive" when you are there?!

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