Monday, November 8, 2010

Education sucks, let's all be professional athletes

Our parents jipped us. "Go to a good college, get an education, blah blah blah" While I'm sitting on my $100,000+ education, douchy McDoucherson, Alex Rodriguez is sitting under a 8 ft portrait of himself as a freaking Centaur!

Although I am obsessed with my job as a Real Estate Broker, my true passion is sports. I love everything about sports. The athleticism, the social aspect of attending games, the competition, the rivalries, etc. etc. HOWEVER, somethings do strike a nerve in me. For example, athletes that become Hollywood celebrities. If you're a NFL quarterback, do not pose in GQ, that's super lame. If your considered one of the best offensive AND defensive players in the MLB of our generation, don't do a photo shoot of you making out with yourself (coughARODcough), and never, NEVER date a pop-singer or actress. They all end bad, and you end up having a ton of annoying non-sports fans screaming at you like your the freaking Beatles all the while, you're sucking it up on the field. (Exit right, off soap box)

At the end of the day, jokes on us, because these guys, most likely, have never written a paper or even opened a book yet they get to live in these little jewels. So while I stare at my framed diploma from the University of Washington (4th best public college in the world, woop woop!), T.O. has finished the 30 minute run around his house, waa waaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Adrian Beltre - I love you, I miss you, you are great. That is all.
Although our beloved ex-Mariner stopped playing for the L.A. Dodgers six years ago, he and his wife have finally decided to put their Bradbury, CA home on the market. I guess CA is a bit of a drive to Boston. It is currently listed for $19.8 million. This home is every man's dream. 4+ acres, basketball court, tennis court, infinity pool, a small golf course, a putting green, sand traps, and of course, a batting cage! He must utilize this feature as his lifetime batting average is .275 (higher than almost any 2010 Mariner). Oh, and it's also 16,000 sq ft. (p.s., check out the Mariners love in his 'game room'. A nice little shout out to Ichiro and Edgar!)

Mark Teixeira - This is where he hangs out when the Yankees aren't playing into October (thank God)
This Yankees slugger calls Westlake, TX his true home. However, he put his home on the market in June, 2010 for $4,550,000. Don't worry, his family won't be homeless. He has a multi-million dollar home in Greenwich, CT. (I know you all were very worried).
Sorry there are not more pictures. Apparently Mark doesn't want obsessed fans like me creepin on their house. Weird.

T.O. - He cries, he has a reality show and his New Jersey home just sold for $2,675,000.
It took T.O. five years to sell the home he inhabited while he played for the Philadelphia Eagles. He soon found out that the home attracted aggressive fans, looky-lou's and a media circus. Also, the Eagles didn't really want him soooo that was the real kicker in wanting to move. T.O. bought the home in 2004 for $3.9 million (that's a $2,675,000 lose, ouch)

Thanks to my buddies over at for giving me this info!

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