Monday, November 22, 2010

Epic Fails in Business

As a real estate broker, I am technically a small business owner. I am thankful that with all the competition out there, there are still idiots like these people. Maybe it's time to think of a new career path, eh?

I just can't understand how FAG Bearings has not become a FORTUNE 500 company already.

How do these men get ANY work done? They are masters...

I hate you AND seafood!!!

What the hell does ANALTECH do? And WHY is their logo an upside down sperm?

No wonder this business owner has been single all his life.

We don't like cuddling.

They're high performance, and an entrance around the back.

Maybe you should have taken your wife's last name.

They have an entire Plaza for that?

Want Crabs? Find a Dirty Dicks near you.

Service with a smile. What?

Well, in all fairness, they WERE playing R. Kelly in the store.

Never give a PMS-ing woman a loaded gun. I smell a lawsuit coming.


Is this something like "Two Girls, One Cup"? Cause if it is, I don't want it.

Well, you asked for it.

I guess all good STD's start at a Liquor store, so you might as well get to the point.

I don't think 'politically incorrect' even begins to describe this business sign.

Ahhh, we see what you did here.

I bet they are the most successful drug store in town.

There are so many questions, but I don't want the answers.

Just a dong.

Yes, I could say something about Dick's Sandblasting BUT I'm not. Juiced Up Training is the best place in town to look jacked without actually doing anything. Side effects: Acne, rage, small testicles.


Sick, nasty.

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