Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ladies: Nerds are where it's at

Dump the zero's and get with the hero's. And those heros are the mega-nerds who we all stayed away from. As much as I think those hunky hunky athletes are just so dreamy, I'm starting to think the World of Warcraft loving, greasy haired, computer code-reading goobers are pretty yummy.

Take a look at where some of the tech-titans of America lay their heads at night.

Bill Gates - Medina, WA $147,010,500
Must be a tight fit for Bill, Melinda and their 2 kids in this 66,000 sq ft home. But they are ready to welcome their friends in this 5-acre, 8 bathroom and 25 BATHROOM home. What kind of gastrotestinal issues do the Gates have?!

Steve Jobs - Palo Alto, CA $2,728,500
At first, I was impressed by this seemingly inexpensive muti-billionaire home HOWEVER, this is only a temporary purchase as Steve waits for his Woodside, CA to be torn down and rebuilt to his liking. In the mean time, he hangs out in this 5,768 sq ft 7 bedroom, 4.5 bathroom home.

Mark Zuckerberg - Palo Alto, CA $815,500
ARE YOU KIDDING ME ZUCKERBERG?!?!?! I guess it's somewhat endearing that Americas youngest self-made billionaire chooses to live in this lame-o house that he says he found on craigslist. At least it's close enough to the Facebook headquarters that he can walk to work. As if he couldn't afford every single Prius EVER MADE!

Michael Dell - Austin, TX $18,557,206
He is the Chairman and CEO of one of the world's largest PC manufacturing companies and gets to live in this 33,000 sq ft 8 bedroom, 13.5 bathrooms, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a conference room, and a chefs kitchen.

Mark Cuban - Dallas, TX $16,856,500
Yes, he's kind of crazy (as seen during any Dallas Maverick basketball game - he is the owner). When he's not jumping up and down on his court side seat, he is living in this 24,000 sq ft, 10 bedroom home. I guess selling to Yahoo for BILLIONS of dollars didn't hurt him too much...

Evan Williams - San Francisco, CA $1,799,500
While this Twitter titan just stepped down as CEO he still gets to hang out in this 3,000 sq ft San Fran home. Not too shabby for a young retire-y.

Lawrence "Larry" Ellison - Woodside, CA $65,794,000
Founder and CEO or Oracle lives in this lovely 23-acre compound which reflects ancient Japanese architecture aesthetics. The MAIN house is a cozy 7,800 sq ft but if that's not enough room for you, there are 10 more buildingson the property you can row to if you like!

James "Jim" Clark - Miami Beach, FL $27,000,000
The co-wonder of Netscape hangs out in this posh penthouse in the city that hosted, then threw out the Jersey Shore cast. The penthouse is located in the #1, uber exclusive Setai Building. This aaaaamzing penthouse features floor to ceiling windows, an outdoor terrace with a pool, and insanely stunning views.

Eric Schmidt - Atherton, CA $3,696,000
Heard of Google? Yeah, this Eric Schmidt is the CEO and he gets to live in this 5 bedroom, 3.5 bathroom home.

Meg Whitman - Atherton, CA $3,020,000
Remember this crazy lady from the California gubernatorial race? She was once the CEO of ebay but now just kind of hangs out in this 3 bedroom, 3,700 sq ft, single-family home.

Thanks to my friends at for these lovely pics and zestimations!

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