Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Man, The Myth, The Legend

My story is like many, many other Mariner and baseball fans around the world. Dave Niehaus was the soundtrack to our summers. He brought the game of baseball into our homes for 34 years. Rightfully so, Niehaus was inducted to the Broadcasters wing of the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2008 and given the Ford C. Frick Award, baseballs highest honor for broadcasters.

My first game was spring of 1986 - granted I was a squishy little munchkin then, I have grown to become a life long Mariners fan, as we all have. I was given the opportunity to work with Mr. Niehaus and was in awe of his love of the game. He once said that he, "never worked a day in his life", we should all be so lucky in our own careers!

After calling 5,284 out of 5,385 Mariners games, this will be what we will all warmly remember:
(THE best baseball call of all time)

Rest in Peace Dave!

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