Friday, November 19, 2010

Seattle Real Estate: Holy Awesome House, Batman

Live in Seattle? Want to be the coolest person in Seattle? Want to be like the guy in the Old Spice commercials? Then you definitely need to check this home out. This blows Tom Hanks little house boat from Sleepless in Seattle out of the water (no un intended...though, it kind of was).

2369 Fairview Ave East, Seattle WA 98102 - $3,800,000
This 3 story, floating penthouse features 850+ square foot of terrace and deck space to enjoy your AMAZING view of iconic Seattle. It includes 3 bedrooms, 3 and 1/2 bath, and 2,866 total square feet. Oh, and to make sure no one swims up, uninvited to your floating penthouse, this home is located in a new GATED floating community (crazy, huh?) And of course you are given a boat lift and parking space. Pretty freaking sweet.

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