Thursday, December 16, 2010

Celeb Real Estate: Barbie...yes, seriously.

Barbie has a dream-house. A REAL dream house. Of course, it's in Malibu and even though she is just a doll, she has a better house than you. Let that sink in for a minute. Whether you are overwhelmed with rage or jealousy, you have to admit, for a girl, this house is pretty freakin' fabulous.

Leaving room: Pink dogs, metallic silver ottomans, feathers , duh.

Lace up fancy chairs, and do you see that chandelier? That's made of "barbie hair". Yes, kind of grouse, but think of all the girls who tried to lay 'barber shop' with their barbies? At least the hair is going to good use. Or, just use.

Barbie is nothing without a little animal print. Or is that Snookie? Or is that just all of New Jersey?

I'm starting to think Barbie may be an egomaniac. Good luck getting Ken to play pool with you since the balls are pink...

B, I am assuming it stands for the Bourne Identity Trilogy, right? Who doesn't love those movies?


Good thing Ken is color blind.

Shoes. Shoes. Shoes. All the same shoes.

Classic barbie at the beach and trampy-new barbie at the beach. Thank you, Miley Cyrus, for ruining America's youth.

Gosh, what a sucky house.

Dear Barbie, I hate you...but really I am just insanely jealous of this view.

Pink roses are necessary.

Barbie's/everyone's dream kitchen. Cupcakes always available.

PINK TAPE, PINK MARSHMALLOWS, GLITTER?! What is Barbie up to here?

Of course, a pink bug.

A pimped OUT for any barbie girl, or cross-dresser.

Of COURSE it would have a pink interior.

Dear Barbie,
You're a snatch.
Love, your loyal and jealous friend, Alex


  1. Love all the pink! Can't help it. I could do without all the Barbie logos and the barbie hair chandelier. Otherwise, well..., gotta admit, a part of me likes it. My first place, on First Hill (studio apt at The Lowell) I decorated with a neon pink phone (yes, it lit up when it rang), hot pink futon cover, and should I go on? Okay. It was the very early 90's and I am an 80's girl;)