Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Having a rough day?

People can be douche-rockets! One persons actions can make you feel like poo. Perhaps it's your boss, family member, friend, significant other, Spencer Pratt, or you're in real estate or professional football player and your salary isn't guaranteed. While I attempt to contact my Italian mafia ties, there are some better options of turning your day around. Here are a few cures to the ailments of the 'renob' in your life. (what's a renob you ask? Read it backwards and there you go).

Every Girl NEEDS a Sassy Gay Friend:

Try to watch this and not laugh...

What the F?!


We Shall Get Him, WE SHALL!!!

Prepare Yourself for HUNGOVER OWLS!

"Why are the lights so damn bright?!"

I'm operating at about 80...75% right now

Epic Failure

Just Awesome

And Last, But Certainly Not Least DRUNK HISTORY!!! The Savior for all 'fratty' history nerds like me!

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