Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Holiday Real Estate: Holiday Home Decor

Here are some AWESOME home decorations during the holiday season. As your real estate broker I would say, "NONONO", but as your friend I would say, "hell yeah". Rock on, home decorators, rock on.


Christmas in Alabama. Finally putting that broken down car in their front yard to good use.

Greeting Seasons!

Mountain Dew Christmas Tree. The kid who made this is either currently strung out, out of his mind or still peeing.

Clark Griswold. How many times do you think the old lady living next door has called the cops to help this man who is hanging off his roof?

Think about it, where does Santa relieve himself when traveling around the whole world in ONE night? He's gotta go somewhere.

Nothing says, "MERRY CHRISTMAS" like a decapitated dolls head crying tears of blood! Happy Holidays!

Epic lighting FAIL! The worst part is that they will probably stay like this all year long.

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