Monday, December 6, 2010

White Trash Christmas

As a Real Estate Broker, I can tell you that your front yard can be a real deal-breaker when attempting to sell. While 'white trash-ness" makes us all chuckle out of hilarity and some deep seeded empathy, it is NOT a good idea when selling your home.

Christmas is the perfect time to show whether you are classy or trashy. Whether you have a vacation home in Chelan, or live there year round. Whether you use the day after Thanksgiving as a perfect time to put up lights, or if you think Mid-July is a good time to finally take them down.

Here are some awesome new developments in the world of Christmas-lawn-decor:

Hell's Santa

MERRY CHRISTMAS! Now you can bring the most annoying holiday song to your front yard. This little gem depicts your own grandmother being run over by a cement roller which is being driven my a reindeer.

God Bless 'MERICA! Santa's not coming this year, Timmy, he's over in Afghanistan.

Al Gore was RIGHT!

Even if Santa is driving the tow truck, I will still curse him out when he's attaching my car to the back of his truck because I was 3 minutes passed the expiration of the meter.

Say "bye-bye" to the smiling cookies, kids! It's time for the gingerbread couple to go into the oven.

Santa drinks, smokes, and gambles.

If you're really good, Santa may bring you a dead animal carcass on Christmas morn.

Cowboy Penguin? Why? How?

You can now have matching home / lawn ornaments. Design Santa's trailer to look just like yours, then leave it in your "yard" all year.

Feliz Navidad?

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