Thursday, January 20, 2011

10 Creepy Song Lyrics

There are some really sweet, lovey-dovey songs that sound all nice and great...until you actually listen to the lyrics. Here are 10 of some of the creepiest lyrics in love songs. Enjoy!

"Hello": Lionel Richie

#1. Go to YouTube, #2. Watch this video immediately, #3. Love on the creepiness that is a blind girl, and a clay head.

"As Long As You Love Me": Backstreet Boys

"I don't care who you are, where you're from, don't care what you did, as long as you love me." - really? This is what those crazy women say on E! News Investigates when they get married to serial killers from San Quintin.

"Forever": Chris Brown

This song, we can all agree, is pretty catchy. It was used for that (once) awesome YouTube video of those crazy Minnesotins dancing down the aisle to their wedding. Then the funny ones over at "The Office" used it in their wedding episode. However, is it not a little weird that the song that is now associated with cute/loviness was written by the guy that beat the crud out of his super cute girlfriend? Now that's creepy.

"Invisible": Clay Aiken

Did he win American Idol? Does anyone watch American Idol? Did the fiercely loyal bible-belt living, Idol lovers still like Clay since he came out? Hell I didn't like him UNTILL he came out. Apparently he wrote a song right after AI called "Invisible". The creepiness comes along when Aiken sings, "being invisible and watching someone in their room." AND how if he was invisible, he was invisible he would make the 'person' he loved "mine tonight." SO, you're like a stalker, but a ghost? And, if the person who you like didn't see you, then they'll be in the love you? How, why? Ceepy.

"The Girl Is Mine": Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney

So when I came upon this song, I was a bit shocked that it didn't sound too familiar to me. Here are two of the greatest singer/songwriters in HISTORY, working TOGETHER, yet, the tune didn't instantly jump into my mind when I heard it. Then I listened to the lyrics, and it all became clear. This song, accompanied with the music video, is a tad creepy. Paul and MJ play best friends who seemed to be pretty indifferent to the fact that they are dating the same girl. Now, I have watched Maury/Jersey Shore, and I KNOW guys don't let that go by with a friendly interaction while shaving...And as the song continues, you are not quite sure if they are referring to being in-love with the girl, or physically owning her. We get that you guys have more money than God, but can't you just pick up another chick? Alas, the song leaves us hanging on with no clear conclusion of who the girl actually belongs too.

"Please Don't Stand So Close To Me": The Police

We all know the catchy tune, but if you listen to the lyrics you realize this is a song about a teacher who wants to nail his student...yes, seriously. The teacher thinks the student is hot and is trying really hard not to just tackle, and love on her. Sick-nasty. Basically this is the theme song for whenever Mary-Kay Letourneau enters a room. Note this lyric:, "Hey, your honor, she stood to close." Creepy.

"Baby, It's Cold Outside": By Every Person Who Ever Sang It.

This is a song about a dude trying to get a girl wasted so she spends the night. Seriously, the chick WANTS to leave but the guy keeps pushing "one more drink" on her. The guys like, "it's really cold", and the girls like, "not that cold", then he says, "how can you do that to me" (manipulative jerk), and THEN she notices her drink tastes FUNNY! Seriously, dude, ROOFIES? It's like 1954. So here she is, snowing like crazy, no cabs (according to him), she's stuck, AND her drink tastes "funny". Good luck lady. Merry Christmas.

"Across The Sea": Weezer

So this song is about a fan letter that was sent to Weezer's, Rivers Cuomo, which is really sweat and all. That would be freaking awesome if I wrote a letter to my beloved Britney Spears and she put it into a song. But his song boarders on true creepiness. Cuomo decides not only to open the letter and read it, but to "sniff and lick your envelope/fall to little pieces every time I wonder what you wear to school"

"I Knew I Love You": Savage Garden

The title sounds great. Real romantic like. Then, all of a sudden, he pulls out, "before I met you." You knew you loved me BEFORE you met me? That's stalker status. Sure, if you meet a really rich, suer successful singer (that Savage Garden was for about a second in 1998), then him saying, "I knew I loved you before I met you", is all great and dandy, but for an everyday dude out at Peso's in Queen Anne=CREEPY.

"All My Life": K-Ci & Jojo

Yeay 1999 reference to Save The Last Dance! The song starts off well enough, "All my life, I prayed for someone like you", ahhh, well that is sweet and not creepy. Then, the crap hits the incest-fan. "Close to me like my mother", WHAT? "Close to me just like my father", K, gross. Wait, two more, "brother" and "sister". Nope. So you want to make love to a girl that is like your mother, father, brother and sister. Nope. Creepy.

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  1. hilarious. the baby it's cold outside is stolen. always hated that song.