Thursday, January 13, 2011

#PalinMovie Names

Thank you twitter for giving me, once again, another reason to negate my other obligations. Today's 'trending topic' is Sarah Palin Movie Titles. Here are my favorites:

1. @JackQuipper: How To Succeed in Politics Without Really Trying.

2. @birdiepup: All Dogs No Jews Go To Heaven

3. @EmLocke: A Time To Drill

4. @Marnus3: Honey, I Shrunk My Nomination Chances.

5. @CrystalGibson: Moulin Rogue.

6. @Rube_Goldberg: Throw Momma Grizzly From the Train.

7. @dafotology: Dr. Strangelove, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying About the Consequences of My Actions, and Love the Attention.

8. @PaulalnTulsaOK: No Country For Olbermann.

9. @rilaws: Amistodd.

10. @Carlos Cabrera: The Wasillian Candidate.

11. @thecajunboy: Blood Simpleton.

12. @ComradeThom: Wet Hot American Bummer.

13. @JoeMande: Babble

14. @mcsweeneys: How to Refudiate a Guy in 10 Days.

15. @friedmanjon: Hopey Changey Floats

16. @RuthBourdain: Crosshairspray.

17. @gabedelahye: Fake Grit

18. @videogum: Eat, Pray, Hate.

19. @mkdlisted: There Will Be Blood Libel

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