Friday, February 18, 2011

Celeb Real Estate: Britney Spears

Oh to be Britney Spears. Minus the whole mental break-down, sans underwear, drug addiction, I think she is just fab. Apparently 'crazy' is good for business too, because Miz. Spears is rocking quite the new purchase: a $12 million Hidden Hills, CA home that is only a few miles from her OTHER home. Do you ever have those days where you say to yourself, "man, this 20 minute drive is too much, I think I'll take a rest at my 19,107 square foot house for the night, and continue with the journey tomorrow"? She can rest her pretty little head in 10 different bedrooms, and sit on 13 different porcelain throwns But all in all, she got this place for quite a steal as it was listed, originally, at $18.9 million. And if she ever needs an extra buck or two, she can rent out the house for $25,000 A MONTH!

Oh, Britney, you are so fab.

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