Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Drunkest Cities in the World

For those who lived in dorms in college, you sat through a minimum of one mandatory, university issued "Alcohol Risk Class". And for the super cool Greek kids, we had the once a quarter university, and fraternity / sorority nationals mandated alcohol awareness class! Apparently as soon as you are accepted into an higher-educational institution, society assumes you automatically become a full blown alcoholic. They might as well sign you up for an episode of Intervention.

While I am not denying that there is a large percentage of individuals in the US that have drinking problems, we can rejoice that the U.S. is in fact, pretty darn sober. Check out a report I found on the Apparently Europe, and all of Russia know how to party. Time to step up your game northern-Africa.

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  1. Well, while I can see your point the problem is that while a per capita value can give you a nice data point for how much alcohol was consumed in a year it can't really tell you 'when' it was consumed. One example could be someone having one to two beers every day for the entire year; while another person may drink the exact same quantity in the year, but they only drink four times a month. The second example is where the problems begin for drunk driving, liver disease, risk for cancer, severely impaired judgment, and overdose. Anyways, neat map.