Monday, February 7, 2011

Hilarious English T-shirts Worn By Japanese People

Perhaps this is America's pay back for the millions of misspelled or fake Japanese character tattoos given to douche-bags around the country. I absolutely love the straight forward translation that takes place between the English language and Japanese / Chinese language. While many individuals stroll around with these t-shirts on, thinking they have a really cool english slogan on it, they actually are a giant billboard for misunderstanding and confusion.

So do I kid, so do I.

Santa Monica is known for the famous "Spoon Girl", no?

JUST the perfect shirt for a child to wear at a park.


This shirt IS everything American.

Amen, Sister.

There is nothing more enticing about a woman than "fart sexy style". Right guys?

Yes, your hairdo has everything to do with your husband, sir.

You seem both angry, and confused.

"But they don't get my frowns!!!!!!"

"And then, try my yummy sugar pork."

Smoke a baby.

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