Thursday, February 3, 2011

Holy Baseballs! Derek Jeter's New House!

So while Derek Jeter may be the king of New York, apparently he prefers to lay his pretty-little head in a different city. It seems as though he is attempting to build his Versailles...all he needs is angry peasants and he's good! Check out this CRAZY house that is currently in the works in Tampa. It DWARFS the surrounding mansions and has been drawing tourists on segways, yes, segways (which is really weird, but somehow makes the place seem even more awesome). Ok, here come the pictures. Oh, and as you're looking at them, look up and peer around your cubical and think about your monthly rent on your 900 sq ft apartment...this is what I am doing. My soul hurts.

Oh, and here are the nitty gritties, while crazy big, the home only costs $7.7 million, it's 30,000 square ft (wow),

So here is the completed front. Not too shabby.

Here are really cool people, on really cool Segways looking at a re-donculous house.

Here's a little taste on how big this home really is. All of the surrounding homes are, in fact, mansions in their own right.

Yeah, that's a construction worker here to show you how big this house really is. Also, while Derek is dating the beautiful Minka Kelly, he is still single. So yes, that one construction guy represents the only space in which Derek will take up while home alone. One Man = 1-2 square feet, house = 30,000 sq ft

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