Friday, February 25, 2011


I love ESPN for many reasons. I think the most important of all those reasons is during NFL season, they don't have that annoying little transformer guy that greets you with a little dance every commercial break. While I generally enjoy watching anybody break it down a little bit, this annoying robot guy is acting as if he is Ichiro, stretching it out, excited to get into the game. #1. You're a CGI, #2. I am sure NFL rules would not permit you to be on the active roster, and #3. Since Transformers came out about 4 years ago, what is your relevance?!

Anyway, ESPN also has one heck of a sense of humor. One of the most popular features on their website is the SportsNation polling. Generally ESPN asks a question such as "who do you prefer in this years Super Bowl?", or "should Brett Favre be punished by the NFL?", etc. etc. But every now and then, the awesome people over at ESPN sneak in a little sense of humor. Or a lot of sense of humor. Here are some amazing SportsNation poles that make ESPN hilarious.

So, this has nothing really to do with ESPN, other than the fact that it is a professional televised basketball game. However, I just wanted to take a moment and point out that Chris Bosh has now been downgraded from NBA player that occasionally takes flops, to a European Soccer Player that cries on command when someone comes within 5 feet of him. Lordy, it's time to grow a pair.

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