Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Most Awesome Ski Resorts For People Who Don't Ski

For those of you that didn't know, Miss. Alex Chaffee was quite the little snow-bunny back in the day. At the age of 5, I was tearing up the slopes. With my skis tied together at the tip so as to be shaped like a "pizza", I glided down those bunny hills like it was my JOB. But alas, I retired around the age of 14. The retirement came when I realized that being inside, warm, and where the food is was waaaaaay better. So, thank you to the Huffington Post for sharing with us some of the greatest ski resorts for people who don't like to ski! Send the husbands/boyfriends/friends off on their crazy adventures on the mountains and join me for warm spa treatments, yummy food, and overall awesomeness.

First, let us make a joke about how the mid-west and the east coast is being plummeted with snow currently. Thank you awesome mid-west evangelical church for this humorous sign.

Zermatt, Switzerland

First of all, this resort bans all gas-powered cars so to keep the resort nice and quite. How cool is that? Well, unless you are trying to actually get there. For those who actually LIKE to ski, the resort with send you away to Italy with a past packed-lunch. But, for the rest of us, there is ritzy-shopping galore! Or, you can go tandem paragliding (what?!) And most importantly, you're in Europe where drinking is part of the daily ritual. So no judgment here my friends!

Whistler Blackcome, Canada

Anyone from the greater Seattle area has experienced the greatness that IS Whistler! Non-skiers can take the newly constructed gondolas (from the Winter Olympics) between Whistler and Blackcomb mountains. Again, live it up in the spas, but come night time, get your dancing shoes on cause the village comes to life!

Taos, New Mexico

So let's be honest, when I think of skiing, I don't really think of New Mexico but this little gem is fan-freaking-tastic. Taos lies at the base of the Rockies. I mostly kept this one in because that hot-tub looks aaaamazing.

Sun Valley, Idaho

My only real goal at this destination is to find celebrities, let's be real. This place is gorgeous! The best part? The fact that there are equal parts hard-core skiers and hard-core relaxers makes this place simply perfect for lazy people like myself.

Stowe, Vermont

This picture looks straight out of Bridges of Madison County. So, yes, you can do that. In case you don't feel like you got a work out while sitting on your bum and everyone else is skiing, there are DOZENS of yoga studios, gyms, and Nordic center. So don't you worry your pretty-little relaxed face, cause you can get your sweat on. Oh yeah, and Ben and Jerry's factory is right down the road...heck yeah.

Sierra Nevada, Spain (not the pop)

So while those crazies take to the slopes, the rest of us can stroll around this awesome European city. With whitewashed alleys in the Albaicin, old fortresses, and obviously really, really good food.

Park City, Utah

So apparently, there are three ski areas here, but common, we all know that that's not happening. SO, off to town we go. There are TONS of art museums and gallery's to take in if you are feeling sophisticated OR you can hang out during the oh-so-awesome Sundance Film Festival, heck yeah. But when I am not stalking Leo, I may take a little ride on dog sleds, cause who doesn't love that? Or even go bobsledding (insert Jamaica Bob-Sled Team song here)

Mont Tremblant, Canada

Just north of Montreal, non-skiers can chill out in the village which, form the sounds of it, is pretty darn cool. Basically you eat a ton, shop a ton and then go take a nap. Perfection.

Megeve, France

The fact that they only picture shown for this resort is a restaurant rests my case. Seriously, this town is known for the sheer volume of amazing food. While other people are exercising on the slopes, I'm just going to eat my way through the city then fall asleep in a food-induced coma for about a month. See you later.

Bad Gastein, Austria

Don't pay attention to the whole "Bad" in the name, cause this place is awesome. This resort is home to 18 natural hot springs! These radio-active (not in a scary way) thermal waters provide a nice, relaxing and healing escape. I fully plan on sitting in those springs for hours on end and turn into a prune.

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