Thursday, February 10, 2011

Real Estate FAILURES

As a real estate broker, I am constantly reminded of the many stereotypes that "define" me / my career. But let's be honest, I would rather spend the rest of my life judging kiddy pageants like the ones on Toddlers in Tiaras than be a pushy, used car salesman. It's just not my style.

It's one thing to be labeled a certain way due to your profession, it's a totally different story when you are given one awful label due to your parents having a mean sense of humor. Here are some of the most epic fails in the real estate community...

This realtor is destined to be a good time.

Please tell me that's her maiden name. At least, then, she still has a chance.

This guy thinks way too highly of himself.

"Please, come in and spend 3 hours in an empty house with me..."

His parents should be shot.

I guess his entertainment career didn't really work out.

Maybe he should have taken his associate's last name.

Mi Casa es... BORN for real estate

He's a man of his word.

At least they're merry?

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