Thursday, February 3, 2011

A-Rod Says 'Goodbye' to Florida and 'Hello' New York

As his old bestie moves into the neighborhood, A-rod moves on out. In the previous post, we were able to see the insane house that Derek Jeter has just finished building in Tampa, Florida. While Jeter moves in, A-rod just sold his Florida home and is looking for a little place in New York with his lil gal-pal, Cameron Diaz.

The home recently sold for $8,500,000 (which is a monthly payment of $35,588. So, think about that). It has 6 bedrooms/6.5 bathrooms and is a whopping 46,243 sq. ft. and is considered a "single family home". So, check out his old digs:

Oh, but if it makes you feel a bit better, the $8.5 million price tag is 40% LESS than what he originally listed it for. So, HAHA A-rod.

But now he is off to NYC to live in a shoe box, like every other New Yorker, right. Wrong, wrong, wrong. The little duplex on the Upper East side is 3,846 sq ft which is UNHEARD of in New York! But if you can afford the $37,000 a month, then this place is for you. It's described as a 25-ft wide limestone mansion with two level townhouse, 3 bedroom/4 bathroom/4 fireplace, 15 foot ceilings, an elevator, and pre-war detailing throughout. Wowzas. Go Mariners.

Gracias to the awesome people over at Zillow! You guys are fantastic.

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