Thursday, February 3, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday: MAN CAVE ADDITION

Once again, the amazing people over at Zillow have produced an awesome article! As the Super Bowl nears (aka, America's Christmas Day), millions of people prepare for friend and family to come over, eat, drink, be merry, and cheer on a team that has the best sentimental package shown before kick off. I will have to admit, when I think of success, I think of being able to provide for my family and never leave my future children without every single need and want. However, I see these awesome "man caves" and think that I need to reevaluate what's really important in life and how I need to be financially successful so I can have these cool rooms.

Woody Creek, CO

So the actual home costs $46,200,000, yikes. BUT this particular awesome room in the home contains a pool table, foosball table, flat screen TV and, obviously, tons of seating.

Washington, UT

This place looks like an awesome lounge that one may go to to watch a game, but alas, it is actually a room in a $8,495,000 home. The man cave has (obviously) bar chairs and tables, a pool table, and (in true professional arena fashion) a drop-down bank of four TVs mounted from the sealing. So you can run around the room in circle and s=not miss a second of the game.

Sanford, FL

Hey, it's Larry the Cable Guy's house! Of course he has an amazingly red-neck-esk Man's Cave. This Man's Cave has a poker table, pool table, bar, flat screen TV, video machine, bar signs and turf-like carpet or course.

Mount Kisco, NY

This home is listed at $30,000,000 and is just 45 minutes outside of New York City. While you have 21,000 sq ft to run around in, this one room is probably where you will spend most of your day. You can watch the game on a giant projector screen, which is pretty darn awesome. If you get a little competitive, you can play pool and still watch the game easily.

Laguna Beach, CA

Apparently there is life in Laguna Beach other than the MTV show. Perhaps LC could buy this house for $32,500,000 and hang out in this contemporary man room (do those words go together?) 3 screens allow you and your ADD brain to focus on different sporting events at the same time. Built in seating gives ample space for friends. And that whole 'built in' table wrapping the seats makes life far easier when needing a space for your drinks and food.

Garfield, MN

Nothing screams 'Minnesota' like this man cave. Everyone in the mid-west has a basement bar, but this brings it to a whole new level. This garage-turned-50's-diner has everything Elvis could hope for. The entire property costs $14,900,000, but this room totally makes it work it.

Cumming, GA

So here's another 50's-diner-esk man cave, however this one is a tad bigger and includes an arcade and 21-seat theater (oh, with a ticket booth so you can kick people out and a concessions stand!) to watch the big game. If you get bored, you can utilize the two-lane bowling ally, arcade room with a ool table, air hockey and pinball machine. You can currentlyb uy this home for $18 million - done from the $45 million list price in 2009.

Camdenton, MO

Dead animals heads, pool table, giant wood burning fireplace, full bar = MAN CAVE! ANd it can be yours for only $5,800,000 which is nothing in comparison to the other properties.

Cambridge, MD

This, apparently, is a hunters-paradise. After you are done hunting deer, or whatever else people hunt, on the 6,250 acres, you can come to Tudor Farms to enjoy the full bar, pool table, flat screen TVs, etc. etc. Just $30,000,000.

Brooksville, ME

This one is pretty freaking cool and may be my favorite. Listed at $10,600,000, this Brooksville home contains aold-time, tavern-style man cave will a full kitchen, bar, stone fireplace, pool tale, and tons and tons of seating. I love it, and want it.

Again, thank you SO much to the peeps over at who compiled this list of super-cool man caves!

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