Friday, February 11, 2011

Woodinville teen killing it in the Real Estate Market: What Have You Done Today?

Last Sunday, the Seattle Times ran an article about an 18 year old Woodinville boy who has been making quite the killing in the real estate market. He's been buying run down houses at auction, and flipping them for a profit. Recently he made a 45% profit off of a Bothell home. WHAT?! He pocketed $128,000.000!!!! Do you know what I had in high school? A 1998 Jetta with whatever change that was stuck in between the seats! In fact, THIS is me at 18, without $128,000.00 in my pocket.

Check out the article. It will either inspire you, or make you feel extremely worthless in your "old age" (anything past 18 apparently...ouchy)
Real Estate | Woodinville teen finds age no barrier to buying real estate | Seattle Times Newspaper

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