Friday, February 11, 2011

Worst Marketed Valentines Day Products

Even if you are in a relationship, Valentines Day sucks. What type of gift should I get? I'm broke. It's cold outside. I'd rather be hanging out with my friends. If I watch another chick-flick I may start my own Egyptian-ask revolution. After working a 9 hour day the last thing I want to do is plan something. Is champagne involved? Cause I'd be OK with that. What will my gift say to him/her? Is their gift going to be as awesome and/or lackluster as yours? There's a Locked Up marathon on on MSNBC, are we allowed to watch that? Our relationship mirrors that of Ronnie and Sam's.

And then there is the singles Valentines Day which I'm not even going to get into. However, some companies have decided that this holiday is the perfect time to market their already kind-of-sad products to their kind-of-sad target group. It's one thing to go through Valentines Day sans-valentine, but it's WAY more upsetting to go sans-valentine AND have to purchase these products:

5,000 calorie dinner for 1, WITH Passionate mashed potatoes (that's the disgusting pink stuff in the background). Did I mention it's a Valentines Day dinner for ONE?!

Be prepared for the emotional breakdown that's about to occur. But hey, at least you are sobbing into a Valentines Day themed kleenex, right??

This takes the prize of THE MOST pathetic themed product that you can buy on Valentines Day. As if getting through the holiday day, no, week sans valentine wasn't enough, now you are resorting to cats to fill the emotional void. Yikes.

Here, eat a TUB of rocky road ice cream and watch a movie that no straight man would ever suffer through, no matter how hott eh chick was. HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!

No, NOTHING says, 'Happy Valentine's Day', like a pack of kosher hot dogs. Mazel tov!


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