Thursday, March 31, 2011

April Fools Office Pranks

In case you forgot, or never knew in the first place, April Fools Day is tomorrow. And since I am a sorta-adult and work in an office, my pranks and hilarity have to be focused in the work world. Thus, these awesome pranks seem right up my ally. This is not your, "hide your cube mates stapler" kind of pranks. These take strategic thinking and planning. These pranks put Jim Halpert to shame!

You've been HOFFED!

A new freaking wall. Amaze-balls.

A true Cube

Packing Peanuts to start your day off right.

The perfect prank for your douche-bag uber manly coworker.

Beiber Fever in your face. Again, for another special guy in your office.

Sit on a throne as you work.

Key Board Through Desk!

Office in the bathroom. Smells yummy.

Pranks and fake walls are always made better with the Monsters Inc. soundtrack.

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