Thursday, March 3, 2011

Party Down! Dormy style...?

Every time I hear the word "party", I think of dorms! And by every time, I mean never. As a sorority gal, I never had the honor (is that the right word?) of living in the dorms. I don't know, maybe something about having a chef, cleaning team, and living in a four block radius of all of your friends seemed awesome. And it was. BUT, if you are in the mode of searching for colleges AND a place to live, here are the top 10 party dorms in the country according to

Indiana University at Bloomington, Briscoe-Shoemaker

University of Pennsylvania, Riepe College House

Winona State University, Lucas Hall

Northwestern University, Bobb-McCulloch

Syracuse University, Brewster Hall

Georgetown University, Village A

University of Wisconsin-Madison, Sellery Hall

Indiana University-Bloomington, McNutt

Catholic University of America, Curley Hall

Howard University, Harriet Tubman Quadrangle

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