Monday, April 18, 2011

Goooood Friday: Really Unfortunate and Inappropriate Church Sings

Happy Good Friday, and soon Easter! For those of you wanting to go to church for the second or possibly only time this year, go to Eastlake Community Church. They are aaaaawesome. But enough of the sales pitch. In honor of this amazing weekend, here are some churches who unfortunately must not have any teenage and /or twenty-something members. Or maybe they do and just wanted a good laugh. Either way, God has one awesome sense of humor. Enjoy!

Worst (but actually the best) resume ever

Lucky for myself and my fellow 2007-2011 graduates, we have had one tough go at the whole employment thing. Perhaps we have been going about it all wrong. But this guy, oh no, this guy has figured it allllllll out.

You're hired.