Thursday, May 5, 2011

KEVIN!!! Home Alone House For Sale

It's been 21 freaking years since Home Alone offered it's awesomeness to the world. Now, the iconic house is for sale. Holy bananas. The current home owners were present for the filming but honestly seem to care less that their home's start quality. The home is located in the North Shore of Chicago and only blocks from Lake Michigan. You can own this 4,250 square foot home for $2.4 million dollars. But let's be honest, it's pretty priceless.

Oh, and it's listed with my brokerage, which is sweet. Go Coldwell Banker

The front, obviously....And no iron jockey man.

Stairs for sledding.

Buzz's room.

Dining Room, for a fancy Mac n' Cheese dinner.

Kitchen: "Keep the change you filthy animal".

A lovely living room, for living.

Mom and Dad's Room.

WHAT? There was no Sun Room in the movie!

The office, or the Christmas Tree area.

And the owners, who don't seem to care much that their house was used in the greatest movie ever.

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