Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mobile Home Masterpieces!!!

God Bless America. 'Merica is known for apple pies, baseball, rolling plains and Mobile Homes. No one truly knows how to decorate like the inhabitants of trailer parks. For the non-rolling home owners, we use Martha Stewart, Ikea, Oprah's awesome gay home decorator, and HGTV to tell us how to decorate. But trailer-parkers, oh no. They aren't pansies. They use their intelligence and creativity to produce these little masterpieces that make Frank Lloyed Wright look like a drunk elephant just throwing crap together.

Back Yard Grill: Is that a Viking?

Once all of those pesky cars are finally out of your front yard, what can you do to spice up your house? Oh, this.

Dining room Chandelier.

Mobile Home Flat Screen Part 1....

Mobile Home Flat Screen Part Duex...

Have a spare bus in your yard? Make it into a nice little bomb shelter that won't actually protect you.

The King of the Mobile Park.

A lovely, and comfortable yard swing.

The Confederate Spa.

Thanksgiving Day.

A Cheaper Brita System.

Add a lovely new foyer to your home.

Stadium seating for the perfect view of your yard.

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