Thursday, June 9, 2011

This dog is richer than you will ever be

Warning: This one's going to sting the soul a little bit and damage your self worth.

Remember those high school nights when you slaved away at homework so that you could get into a great university where you would later spend endless nights hopped up on Red Bull only to finsh one of hundreds of papers just so you could get that diploma then get a good job and make some money?

That was a major waste of time.

Why you ask? Cause this freaking DOG has more money than MC Hammer did in his hay day.

Meet 'Trouble', the Maltese that once belonged to Leona Helmsley. For those of you who don't know Miss. Helmsley, she was quite the lady and business woman. She was a hotel operator and real estate investor. Blah blah blah, she was loaded. Well in 2007, she kicked the bucket. The ol broad was 87 years old, and sad to say, not too many people were upset by her departure. The whole "paying taxes" thing was beneath her, and she quite graciously accepted the title, "The Queen of Mean".

Anywho, when she died it was discovered that she had placed her dog, Trouble, in her Will and Last Testimate. She left the friggin' dog 12 MILLION DOLLARS. Oh, but don't worry, a judge ordered that the sum be reduced to 2 Million. Thank God, right? And in case this doesn't seem all 'that bad' to you yet, did I mention she cut out two of her grandchildren of inheritance for the simple reason of wanting to make sure the dog got as much as possible? Oh, and she also nixxed her ex-daughter in-law out of any inheritance after her husband DIED and then Helmsley evicted her from her home.

So the dog lived the "good life", whatever the heck that means other than feeding and the occasional allowance of a night sleep on your bed.

Here's Trouble's break down of expenses for a year:

$8,000 for grooming
$1,200 for food
And all the rest (which equaled $100,000) went to his 'manager' and security staff...

But here is the part of the story that will make you feel better:

The bitch died today. So there is one less dog who is richer than you. Sleep well.

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