Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The BEST Engagement Photos Ever...

Nothing screams Quarter Life Crisis like the endless invites to engagement parties or Save-the-Dates that seem to prey on your mailbox like a mountain lion stalking its next meal. Don't get me wrong, the engagement photos are sweet, and since it's going to be your Facebook profile picture for the next year till you get hitched, they better be good! They all seem to run together, however. If the couple met in college, they will have some pictures on campus. There will be a minimum of three outfit changes for the gal. And sometimes there is a fun, random prop involved. Perhaps an umbrella, or a balloon, heck, why not throw a dog in the mix? Lot's of kissing and overall romantic-ness that will undoubtably leave you questioning every move you have ever made in your dating life.

But ALAS!!! I have found, literally, the greatest couple to have ever lived. Move over Adam and Eve, Marc Anthony and Cleopatra, Liz Lemon and Astronaut Mike Dexter! I give you Juliana and Ben and their EPIC engagement photos:

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