Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Olympics Won't Stop Taunting Me.

There are few things in this world I love and loath as much as the Olympics.  Of course it’s exciting to wake up to AP Mobile text messages detailing America’s latest domination (thanks a lot NBC), but the joy is quickly shot down as I walk the 3 story staircase at my work to only find myself huffing out a lung as if I just climbed Everest.  These people are freaks.  The only way I can get through my day without realizing that I have completely wasted all of my (imagined) athletic ability is to tell myself that, yes, being 16 years old and driving my jetta to Taco Bell then rewatching each episode of Laguna beach every single day was, in fact, way more rewarding than training and perfecting any skill.

Oh hey Alex, what about the millions of dollars of endorsements the athletes receive after the games?   Whatevs.  My nanny job in college was way more awesome.  

These are simply the thoughts that get me through the morning.  My next obstacle comes at lunch when I have to decide if walking down those three flights are worth the exhausting effort it takes to walk back up them.  Nope, this bag of Pirates Booty will have to suffice.  The winter Olympics bring a whole new level of inner negotiation as my laziness factor grows exponentially.  What are these people doing skiing down those hills?  Don’t they know they could just sit inside eating as if they were planning on sleeping all winter?  My patience won’t even allow me to divulge this thought.

Until 2014.

And now, my absolutely favorite GIF to come out of the 2012 Summer Olympic Games: US Women's Gymnastics Team as Mean Girls.

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