Why This Blog?

Unless you have been living in a cave for the past two years, you know that some people made some really, really bad decisions when it came to real estate and financing.  Banks were giving money out like it was Free Scoop Wednesday at Baskin Robbins.  Some buyers apparently thought they could purchase Verssailles when truthfully, they may have been better off simply sticking to a 900 square ft condo. 

When it comes to real estate and financing, THERE ARE NO STUPID QUESTIONS!! None, zero, zilch.  I hope to make this blog a go-to sight for everything first time homebuyers, or even repeat home buyers can use to feel more confident in their purchase. 

Also, sometimes I like to jib-jan about happenings in Edmonds and Seattle.  So buckle up...

Alex Chaffee, Broker Extraordinaire
Coldwell Banker Bain